Ballow's Famous Texas Chili

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"Please tell me where in Central Arkansas I could purchase your famous Chili Seasoning mix? I am out! It is my favorite! I love Chili and think yours is the best." - Margie

"Thank you Vaunda. You just made my day. My dad is the main reason I started searching for the seasonings again. Anytime we have chili or if the subject even comes up he will always brag about how Ballows was the best (and I agree with him completely), then he always gets a little down and talks about how it's a shame that they quit making it. So I'm going to suprise him and give him the case for Christmas. I can't thank you enough for giving me the chance to do that for him." - Quentin

"I would like you to know that my first experience with your chili mix was a huge success. I purchased your product in our local Brookshire's grocery store. We made the chili following your recipe on the package with a few exceptions (used ro-tel and reduced the amount of tomato sauce). I entered the Fifth Annual Kyle Field (Texas A&M) Chili Cook Off. The results couldn't have been better. I won first place and a lot of "best chili I have ever eaten" comments. Thank you for helping me win after fives tries in the same contest. This was the first time I used your chili mix, but it sure won't be the last." - David

"It is chili season again and I'm missing my Ballow's Chili." - Dennis

"Thank you for sending us your famous chili seasoning in the past few years!! We enjoy it so much and give it away to friends and family." - Sue