Ballow's Famous Texas Chili

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The History of Ballow's Chili

The recipe for Ballow's Chili is more than 50 years old, but it stayed in the Ballows' cabinet drawer for many years. The Ballow family simply took it for granted that everyone had a good chili recipe—but everything changed when Bruce Ballow and his wife, Vaunda, opened Ballow's Café. In 1992, they served their first sampling of chili made using the closely guarded family recipe. It was such a big hit that their daughter, Lisa Moring of Mississippi, contacted a blender to have the seasoning blended and labeled. That is when Ballow's Famous Texas Chili Seasoning first became available to consumers. The boxed version was so successful that the Ballows had to sell their cafe to give more time to distribute the chili, which is now a full-time job. Now, they ship cases of their famous seasoning nationwide from its birthplace of LaRue, Texas.

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